Zarabella "Zara" Shealy is a British national and Claire Dearing's personal assistant. She is assigned to escort Zach and Gray during their visit to Jurassic World, although she is unenthusiastic.

Story Edit

Early life Edit

Zara began working at Jurassic World sometime in 2010 where she became the personal assistant for Claire Dearing, the Senior Assets Manager for the park. At some point, she became engaged to a man named Alec.

Jurassic World Edit

Zara was assigned to look after Claire's nephews, Zach and Gray, while they were visiting Jurassic World, picking them up as soon as they arrived on the island, though she was not very enthusiastic about it. She accompanied the boys when they entered the Innovation Center and was later with them during their tour of the park. While they're at the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo, Zara is seen being busy on her phone, going over her wedding details.

Isla Nublar Incident (2015) Edit

The Mitchell brothers took advantage of this and ditched her to explore the park on their own. Given afterward, the Indominus rex broke free and put the park into an emergency situation. Claire called Zara, only for the distressed assistant to say the boys "had ran away". Eventually she reencountered the boys in Main Street, shortly before the Jurassic World Aviary's inhabitants invaded the area.

During the attack of the flying reptiles, Zara was snatched by a Pteranodon and gets savagely tossed amongst other Pteranodons in the air before being dropped into the Jurassic World Lagoon and injured by few Pteranodons who continued to grab at her. When one of the Pteranodons dive in the Lagoon tried to grab her again, the Mosasaurus emerged out of the water to devoured both Zara and the Pteranodon.