Tyrannosaur Buck was the male Tyrannosaurus rex seen in The Lost World: Jurassic Park and was the individual that hunter Roland Tembo seeked to hunt during his trip to Isla Sorna while accompanying the InGen Harvest team. This T. rex later was tranquilized by Roland and was taken to San Diego where the animal escaped and rampaged before it was able to be rounded back and brought back to Isla Sorna.

Personality Edit

Buck was a caring father to his family as he tries to rescue his son from harm. He nudged the trailer to see if his son was alive. He also taught his son how hunt. He seems to do everything he can do to protect his son and he also cared for his mate. When Buck ripped apart Eddie's SUV, he shared his meal with his mate. And also Buck was able to cooperate well with his mate during the invasion to the camp of InGen team. Rexy is more aggressive than Buck.

History  Edit

Life before the incident Edit

Buck was seem to be born around 1988 on Isla Sorna. Tyrannosaur Buck, was living inside the enter along with other member states of his kind, like Rexy and Doe. In 1997, he fought a Tyrannosaurus rex for mating rights. He mated with a female Tyrannosaurus named Doe. Buck and Doe have their son together around 1997 called Junior

Isla Sorna Incident (1997) Edit

Few week's after his son's hatch, the InGen Hunters mostly Roland Tembo and Ajay Sidhu kidnapped his son wanting to use him as bait to get the buck himself. In response, him and his mate traveled to the Hunters' encampment to rescue their son. They sensed the Juvenile T. rex inside the Fleetwood RV Mobile Lab both cornered the horizontal sides of one of Mobile Lab's trailers. Father Buck gave the trailer a nudge to try to make his son to flee.

The Tyrannosaurus rex couple doesn't understand the humans inside the trailer were not trying to harm their son, was group called the Gatherers who were fixing his son's leg after it had been broken by a drunk InGen CEO Peter Ludlow and wanted to return the juvenile to his family. Dr. Sarah Harding, one of the Gatherers, realized that the Tyrannosaurs parents were not exhibiting hunting behavior but was wanting to retrieve their infant. She and the other Gathers handed the T. rex parents their child after her realization. Afterward, the Tyrannosaur Buck and the Tyrannosaur Doe hid their son in a safe place before returning to the Fleetwood RV Mobile Lab to destroy it.

Tumblr lzgcxnNjUg1rpdvglo1 500

Buck with Doe share a meal together.

They turned back half of the accordioned vehicle upside down, then they managed to shatter the front windshield and pushed the back half over the cliff as the trailers that were parked at the edge. After they had felt they had destroyed the trailers, the two soon returned once again when Gatherer Eddie Carr came to rescue his teammates and friend, being notified by the sound of Eddie's Mercedes SUV. Once finding the vehicle, Buck had bit off the roof to the SUV and then attempted to kill to Eddie. While reaching for his air rifle, Eddie was grabbed by the Buck, who was joined by his mate in ripping the man in two at the waist. Satisfied, the Tyrannosaurus couple finally departed from the encampment.

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Buck causes problems for the InGen

After they rescued their son, the two Tyrannosaurus once again attacked the remaining InGen Hunters and Gatherers by following the scent of their juvenile's blood that was stained on Sarah Harding's shirt. He poked his head inside her tent, sniffing the shirt hanging from a line stretched across the tent interior while Dr. Sarah Harding and Kelly Malcolm did their best to stay still. The sounds made by the Buck woke up Carter, one of the Hunters, who alerted his fellow colleagues by screaming its presence. Lifting the tent from the ground and momentarily blinded, the Buck was able to remove the tent from his face by shaking it. His mate arrived on the scene scaring the hunters into a tight ravine where the mate pursued them, leaving the Buck behind to scavenge through any remains. While doing so, Roland took the chance to shoot the buck with his double-barrelled rifle, only to find that Nick Van Owen had sabotaged his weapon. He then proceeded to shoot the Buck with an over dosage of concentrated carfentanil in the hopes of killing it.

San Diego Incident (1997) Edit

Tumblr m413kzoF1e1qmvzv2o1 400

Buck breaks out.

However, Buck has managed to survive the over dosage and was captured by the remaining InGen Hunters under the orders of Peter Ludlow to be for transported to San Diego, California in North America where he hoped to display him, along with his infant, in the his new Jurassic Park being built there to replace the failed one of Isla Nublar.

Unfortunately, sometime during the trip, the Tyrannosaurus stopped breathing and entered a comatose state. In an effort to save the animal, he was administered an amphetamine to counter the large dosage of tranquilizer given to him when Roland shot him. The T. rex, now in a berserker state, broke out of his containment unit and attacked those serving on the ship. Somehow the Tyrannosaurus rex was lured into the cargo hold, where he stayed until Ludlow foolishly ordered the area checked once the ship docked at the InGen Docks at San Diego.


Buck walking freely in neighborhood.

The father Buck is now free, broke through the dock checkpoint and wandered into San Diego, causing chaos throughout the city. One of the first locations he first went through was a neighborhood. Finding a house with a backyard pool, the buck broke through the brick wall lining the yard and into the pool area where he began drinking. The family dog, un-phased by the intrusion, began to bark at the much larger predator only to be quickly silenced when the T. rex ate it. The noise awoke little boy named Ben who was dragging his parents into his bedroom to show them the dinosaur. When they arrived, the Tyrannosaurus growled at the family before returning to the city. Rampaging through downtown, the Tyrannosaurus rex scared everyone he encountered.


Buck scares away the police.

The Buck was tested his new surroundings in various ways including biting traffic lights and smashing a bus. Most of the citizens survived the havoc except for one unlucky individual. During his romp in the city, Doctors Sarah Harding and Ian Malcolm devised a plan to lure the raging animal back to the ship by using the infant to bring him. After traveling to Isla Seria to San Deigo, they moved the infant to the InGen Docks in order to lead him to them. Peter Ludlow, however, had a different response. He ordered the police to kill Buck so the chaos would end. Ian's and Sarah's plan worked, as the father Buck traveled to the docks upon hearing his infant's calling from the cargo hold of the ship used to transport the infant rex and the father rex. Ludlow entered the ship with out knowing to be followed in by the adult male. Attempting to capture the growling infant with his bare hands as soon Ludlow realized was only too late that he had been trapped.

Attempting to scurry up the stairs back up to the main deck, Ludlow was grabbed jaws of the buck's, who brought Ludlow back to the cargo hold floor where he dropped him and wounded him. As the father will watch his son to pounce the hapless executive as shows to be proud. However, this victory was short lived as police helicopters surrounded the gaping cargo hold doors. Their guns aimed to fire, it was only in the nick of time that Dr. Ian Malcolm was able to get the doors closed and the Buck tranquilized by Dr. Sarah Harding. The Buck and his infant were then shipped back to Isla Sorna where they were spotted with the Doe, the three apex predators reunited as a family. He had a another son on the island that was killed by the Spinosaurus.

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Buck with his son reuniting with his mate.

Transportation to Isla Nublar (2004)Edit

In 2004, InGen came to Isla Sorna to transport all of the surviving dinosaurs to Isla Nublar. It's unknown if Buck was one of them.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Edit

If Buck was transported to Isla Nublar and survived the 2015 incident, then he would have been killed off by Mount Sibo since Rexy was the only one saved.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown whether he is Rexy's brother, but he is most likely Rexy's brother-in-law.
  • In JP3, it is thought that Buck was the T. rex who fought the Spinosaurus, but this is wrong due to the two specimens having noticeably different color schemes.
  • Victoria Livingstone stated in Cinefex #70 that the Buck was intended to be 8 tons (16,000 pounds) and capable of running up to 25 miles per hour (40 kilometers per hour).[1]