Paddock eleven

Paddock 11 exterior as JW001 arrives.

Paddock 11 was a heavily-fortified enclosure where the Indominus rex was kept. It was supervised by Nick, who monitored the paddock interior from the Observation Tower. Problems delayed the paddock's completion. The dinosaur was fed using a crane which lowered hunks of meat into the paddock, as an alternative to hand-feeding. The dinosaur was monitored using conventional video cameras as well as a sophisticated thermal imaging system. There were two doors into the enclosure: a normal one for humans, and a larger one for maintenance purposes. Indominus got free when she tricked the humans into thinking she'd escaped. Nick, Owen Grady and Ellis entered the enclosure to determine how she'd gotten free. She attacked them, eating Ellis. Because Indominus blocked the small door, Nick was forced to open the maintenance door in order to escape. Although both he and Owen got out, so did Indominus, who pushed the maintenance door off its track and escaped into the park.