Nipponosaurus was a genus of duck-billed dinosaur that lived in Asia, Japan during the Late Cretaceous epoch. Nipponosaurus could reach a length of 4 meters. It is one of the few dinosaurs known to have lived in Japan.

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Nipponosaurus is seen on the Holoscape screen in the Innovation Center of Jurassic World, though it is currently unknown if any reside within the park itself.

Nipponosaurus was recreated for Jurassic World, but it is unknown if the animal was on display or waiting to become an attraction. However it was chosen to be on the holoscope representing the park. Nevertheless it was released into the wild after the Indominus rex caused the 2015 Incident which forced the park to close.

If any survived the 3 years on Isla Nublar after the fall of Jurassic World they might have been saved offscreen.1


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