"That wall's forty feet high. You really think she could've climbed out?"


Nick was a Jurassic World worker who served as the supervisor of Paddock 11. It was his job to monitor the Indominus rex. When it seemed as though the hydrid dinosaur had escaped, Nick entered the paddock through a side door along with Owen Grady and another worker named Ellis to determine how she'd escaped. Suddenly the three got a frantic call from Vivian Krill in the control room. Indominus was still in the paddock.

The three men ran for the door they'd entered through, only for Indominus to cut them off, killing and eating Ellis. A terrified Nick went instead for Paddock 11's large maintenance door and opened it to get out, unintentionally opening up an avenue of escape for the dinosaur. In the control room, Simon Masrani ordered Lowery Cruthers to shut the door. Owen managed to get through before it shut but unfortunately so did Indominus.

Owen hid underneath a crane and Nick hid in front of a pickup truck. Unfortunately for the supervisor, Indominus quickly discovered his hiding spot, knocking the truck aside and eating him.