Nick Van Owen was a photographer who accompanied Eddie Carr and Ian Malcolm to Isla Sorna in order to document dinosaurs. He was hand picked by John Hammond because he had done many jobs in combat situations. He was also an active environmentalist and a member of the Earth First! organization.

Nick's last name is possibly inspired by a mercenary called Van Owen in the song, Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner by Warren Zevon and David Lindell.

Story of his life in Isla Sorna Edit

Nick formerly worked for Nightline, where he visited counties like Rwanda and Bosnia. Hammond sought him out to be part of a research team that was traveling to Isla Sorna to document the dinosaurs there. Apparently, Hammond also hired him to sabotage Ludlow's attempt to capture and ship dinosaurs from the island.

When the InGen Hunters came, Nick infiltrated the camp with Sarah and unlocked the locks on the dinosaur cages, leading to the destruction of all the team's communication's equipment. Later on, Roland came and found a shattered lock. That drew his attention to noticing that someone else was on the island.

Nick brought the infant Tyrannosaurus rex to the trailer so its broken leg could be mended. The adult Tyrannosaurs, once they had their baby back, attacked the trailers and pushed it off a cliff before leaving. When Eddie went to save them, he managed to secure a rope for Nick, Ian and Sarah to escape. However, he was eaten by the T. rex parents when they returned to stop his interference.

When the Gatherers join the Hunters in their travel to the Worker Village to call for help. Nick disabled Roland Tembo's gun. After finding out that Roland came to the island to hunt a male Tyrannosaurus, he stole the ammunition the instant he saw Roland put the rifle down.

Later, they are once again attacked by the tyrannosaurs. Nick pulls Sarah and Kelly behind the waterfall to get out of the T. rex reach.

After the Raptor attack, Nick finds Ajay's rucksack in the Long Grass. Once the Gatherers reach the Village, Nick enters the village alone ahead of the others. Nick finds the radio in the Operations Building and sends the distress call toInGen Harvest Base. Nick escapes the island in a helicopter with the other Gatherers.

Nick left before Ian and Sarah went to interfere in Ludlow's plans, and therefore, had no part in the San Diego Incident.