Lowery Cruthers was a a Jurassic World employee working in the control room, preforming task such as reporting on security issues and incidents, visitor rates, monitoring security camera feeds, and tracking dinosaurs and Gyrospheres. He is played by Jake Johnson.

Early LifeEdit

Very little is known about Lowery's early life, besides the fact that he had a relationship with a man named Carl who he considered his dad "more so than his real dad".

Jurassic World Incident (2015)Edit

He first appears in the film as a worker in the control room, who is wearing a Jurassic Park T shirt that order it from ebay. Claire Dearing, the operations manager, berates him for disrespecting those who died. Lowery then proceeds to acknowledge her point, but go on to say that the first park was "legit" and didn't need genetically modified hybrids, just real dinosaurs. As Claire mentions completing a deal with Verizon Wireless, he makes an argument that they might as well have the corporation name the dinosaurs, making jokes about the titles that would be given.

Later, when the ACU confronts the Indominus Rex, Simon Masrani, Masrani corporation CEO, states that they will be able to take down I.rex non lethally, and that the future of the park is predicated upon the parks ability to handle these events, to which Lowery responds "you should put that in the brochure. Someday, one of these things will eat somebody.."

That evening, when control room staff are being evacuated, Vivian ask him if he's coming. He says that someone has to stay behind. He then proceeds to attempt to kiss her, which she blocks, saying she has a boyfriend. Lowery is confused, questioning why she never mentioned him, to which she responded "I'm at work". Afterwards, the two awkwardly hugged, and Vivian stated that she hoped Lowery would be ok.

When Claire ask Lowery to open paddock nine, he is very reluctant, regrading the move as insane. Claire then berates him yet again, telling him to be a man. Lowery proceeds to press a button to open the gate, releasing Rexy from the paddock. When the battle between Rexy, Blue, I.rex, and the Mosasaurus is over, he turns off everything in the control room, before presumably leaving the island with the rest of the human survivors.

Lowery will return in Jurassic World 3.