Lewis Dodgson was the head of research at Biosyn, and one of the villains in both the books. He was known for his law-breaking studies, notably a rabies vaccine test conducted on farmers in Chile without their knowledge or consent. In both the film and novel canons Dodgson wants to steal dinosaur embryos from InGen.

Jurassic Park (novel) Edit

In the novel, Dodgson met with Biosyn's board of directors to discuss the opportunity of stealing InGen's dinosaur embryos and bring them back to Biosyn, so they can create dinosaurs just like InGen did. Dodgson meets Dennis Nedry in a San Franciso airport coffee shop and reveals a briefcase of $750,000 and Dodgson tells Nedry that thats only half of the money Nedry will get for stealing the embryos. Nedry says he wants all the money on Sunday and tells Dodgson to have a boat by the east dock. Dodgson says he will and gives Nedry a shaving cream can, revealing a secret compartment to collect all the embryos and get past security.

Jurassic Park (film) Edit

In the movie, Lewis Dodgson meets Dennis Nedry and wants that he steals all dinosaur embryos for Biosyn. He gives him a a shaving cream can, revealing a secret compartment to collect all the embryos and get past security. Nedry accepts but asks more money, adding that Hammond was tightfisted with him and that he should not the same error and Dodgson accepts. But their agreement will failed because Nedry was killed by a Dilophosaurus, the shaving cream can containing all the embryos will be lost and Biosyn will lose many of money.

Jurassic Park: The Game Edit

Lewis Dodgson will send Nima Cruz and Miles Chadwick to retrieve the shaving cream can. He prepares them a boat with their money. But Chadwick will be killed by the Dilophosaurus, Billy Yoder (one of seven mercenaries sent by InGen to save people) will be killed by Rexy after comrades's deaths and after having discover it, the shaving cream will be destroyed by Rexy, Nima Cruz as well as Gerry and Jessica Harding will take the money in the boat, and Biosyn will lose many of money again.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Edit

When Henry Wu evacuates his laboratory, with the dinosaurs's eggs and embryos, it is possibly that the embryos were sent to Biosyn. It means that Henry Wu now possibly works for Biosyn in Jurassic World 3.

Notes Edit

It is unlikely that Lewis Dodgson will return in the upcoming sequel and final installment Jurassic World III, since his actor Cameron Thor was sentenced to 6 years in prison for sexual assaulting a 13-year-old girl. But they might replace him with another actor to play Lewis Dodgson.