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This will be great for dinosaurs for the Jurassic Park to Jurassic World. Although it is small now, with your help, we can turn it into biggest source of information about Jurassic World in Wikia.

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We will show abilities of the dinosaur in the film and life history.

Headcanons are NOT Accepted Edit

We only use sources directly relating to and from the films and what the films directly state. For example, the films list Dilophosaurus as growing up to around 6 meters long, as shown in both info guides licensed by the first film and the Field Guide from The Lost World. This means the small individual seen in the first movie was a juvenile according to film canon. Thus fandom headcanons that the InGen Dilophosaurus are dwarfs is not accepted.

Another example is the animal that killed the crew of the S.S. Venture. Officially the script, film crew, and script of The Lost World all state the crew was killed by the rampaging Buck Tyrannosaurus who broke out of his cage and was later sealed inside the cargo hold. A popular fan theory is that Velociraptors stowed onboard the S.S. Venture and killed the crew. This has no backing in the script, film, merchandise, tie-in websites, or statements by the cast and crew. It is thus only a headcanon and not acceptable on this wiki.

You may mention fan theories in the Trivia section of pages, but only if you directly state it is such.