Indominus rex was a hybrid dinosaur created by InGen for Jurassic World.

Name meaning Edit

The name means "Untameable King."


Dr. Henry Wu, the InGen's chief scientist, was fascinated with the possibility of creating entirely new species by gene splicing ever since he learned that the inclusion of frog DNA had given the dinosaurs the ability to switch gender. In 2015, he created a hybrid plant.

Some of the known species that were used in the creation of the hybrid are: T. rex, Velociraptor, the pit viper, tree frog , Cuttlefish (confirmed in the film), Carnotaurus, Rugops, Majungasaurus, (confirmed on the website), and Therizinosaurus (confirmed by Jack Horner). In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom the Indominus rex also has Deinosuchus DNA.

Indominus dna

Some of the genetic choices for the I. rex

Anatomy Edit

Jurassic World- The Basic Anatomy of Indominus Rex Base Genome: Tyrannosaurus Rex Brain Cavity: Velociraptor White Skin and Camouflage: Cuttlefish, could also be Carnotaurus genetic material Thermoregulation: Tree Frogs Infrared Vision: Pit Viper Hands: Therizinosaurus Long Claws: Carnotaurus above eye orbit: Carnotaurus Osteoderm Armor: Carnotaurus and T.rex and Velociraptor.

This hybrid dinosaur gets cooked up by geneticists using a mix of at least with many dinosaurs: the Carnotaurus ('meat-eating bull'), the Giganotosaurus ('giant southern lizard'), the Majungasaurus ('Mahajanga lizard'), and the Rugops (the less-chilling-sounding 'wrinkle face'). All four are meat-eating theropods ('beast feet'), and at least three are top predators.

The Carnotaurus was a large, swift predator with horns on its skull, and its extremely powerful leg muscles allowed it to quickly close in on any prey unlucky enough to become its target. They were certainly apex predators, fierce enough to fill the ecological niche occupied by the tyrannosaurs in other parts of the prehistoric world.

The Giganotosaurus was, as you may suspect, quite hefty: its skull was as long as the average British woman (1.6m or 5ft), and its total length was up to 13m (43ft). It could run up to 14m (46ft) per second (certainly faster than Usain Bolt at his average record-breaking speed of 10.42m or 34ft per second), and had teeth in its lower jaw specialized for inflicting slicing wounds.

The standout feature of the Majungasaurus was its abundance of sharp teeth in both its upper and lower jaws. Its skull shape suggests it bit into its prey once and held it there until it died, unlike other predatory theropods, which inflicted several mortal chomps on prey.

The Rugops, Featuring spines or spikes all along its back as armour, this smaller theropod was likely a scavenger. The Indominus rex can be seen retaining hairlike quills/feathers on the backs of her forearms and down her neck. It was revealed that this trait stemmed from her Rugops DNA.

A peek at the leaked artwork, however, reveals one additional feature that the above dinosaurs lacked: extremely long arms with razor-sharp, semi-collapsible claws. This suggests that the I. rex is capable of lacerating its prey or even picking it up in a scooping motion, ready to be chewed on. These arms and claws are more reminiscent of those found on certain Dromaeosaurs, bird-like theropod dinosaurs. In particular, the Deinonychus, a close cousin of the infamous Velociraptor, had very long forelimbs with sickle-like claws, and biomechanical studies suggest that these were used for grasping prey.

So, assuming the scariest parts of all of the above are taken by the film’s geneticists and merged into a single I. rex, we can probably expect an extremely fast predator with very powerful leg muscles, horns or spikes along its head and spine and a lot of long, sharp teeth, more than most related dinosaurs would have had. It is likely to pick up its prey and hold it in its mouth, letting it bleed to death before consuming it.

Tyrannosaurus rex: The base framework for Indominus rex’s genome. Provided a powerful musculature including heavy tail and jaws (capable of crushing bone) – paired with agile and swift movement (relative to the creature’s size).

Cuttle Fish was given alteration of skin pigmentation, through the combined efforts of chromatophores and reflective iridophores and leucophores, Indominus could blend into the surrounding environment.

Tree Frog was for the Thermoregulation through color alteration and lowered metabolic functions.

While Jack Horner has indicated that Therizinosaurus DNA was used to give Indominus rex larger forelimbs, very few dinosaurs came close to developing opposable thumbs. The source of these thumbs is unknown.

Pit Adder was for the Infrared (heat sensing) vision. Conversely, Indominus rex “sees” in infrared – allowing the apex predator to sense hidden or obscured prey (as well as target especially vulnerable areas on an attacker’s body). Also was given another vision able to see in the dark.

Diet Edit

The Indominus Rex is strictly carnivore, as she is mostly a t-rex, another carnivore. When she was enclosed, she was fed by a hook, which carried a rack of raw animal meat. Once she escaped, she saw the workers as food, eating both of the security guards. However, when she is full she kills for sport, possibly to come eat it later. She is not seen eating a single plant, so definitely not any herbivore genetics in her.

In the wild, she probably would have used for sense of smell to find meat and kill it. However, she would be a very lethal dinosaur, as she would kill all of the other dinosaurs to the point where she would have nothing else to eat and die of starvation herself.

Size Edit

Dr. Henry Wu described the adult Indominus rex as being "bigger than T. rex" at 50 feet long. The Jurassic World website states that the sub-adult seen in the film was only 40 feet long with a weight to be determined. Her height is shown to be 20 feet on the Jurassic World size chart poster, and 40 feet on the Jurassic World Intel website.

History Edit

The Indominus Rex as a Hatchling Edit

Tumblr noq6v1gd721utx67fo5 250

Hatchling I. rex

Twenty years after the events of the original film, Dr. Henry Wu, Vic Hoskins, and their research team in InGen forms a new species by using the genes of many other dinosaurs, sparking more attention of their successful park Jurassic World in Isla Nublar, which resulted in the hatching of Indominus Rex. Before it All

Originally, two Indominus Rexes were cloned in case one died during infancy, but after they hatched, the older one cannibalized her sibling before being placed in her enclosure. After being displayed to Claire Dearing (the park's operation manager) by Simon Masrani (CEO of Masrani Global Corporation and owner of Jurassic World), Masrani requests that he would like Owen Grady (a Velociraptor trainer and the main protagonist of the film) to inspect the Indominus enclosure to ensure the park's safety. At the time of their visit, the Rex hadn't reached full size yet.

Jurassic World Incident Edit

Tumblr nqhy34kNWs1utx67fo5 250

The I. rex escapes

Owen and two of the staff arrive at Rex's enclosure, only to find out that she has escaped by scaling the wall. However, it turns out that the Indominus Rex had faked her escape by leaving claw marks on the wall and ambushed the three, with Owen barely escaping. The two staff, however, were grabbed and eaten by the Rex. The Indominus Rex was now loose in the park.


Indominus attacking the ACU unit

Going against Owen's advice to take down the Indominus, Masrani sends in an ACU unit armed with nonlethals to stop the Rex'es rampage, but the hybrid used its camouflage ability to ambush the team, resulting the deaths of many of the men while the remaining ones flee away.


I. rex vs Ankylosaur

Realizing that this has gone out of hand, Claire shuts down the northern area of the park. Zach and Gray Mitchell, Claire's nephews were in a gyrosphere checking out a small herd of Ankylosaurus on the restricted area, but encountered the Indominus Rex who then kicks the gyrosphere right to the Ankylosaurus, causing them to panic and damaging the gyrosphere in the process. During the time, the lex attacks and starts to fight one Ankylosaurus before turning her over on her armor and killing her by breaking her neck and either decapitates her or crushes her skull.

Tumblr ns6bf7c23P1tc05ego1 400

Piercing the glass of the gyrosphere

Afterward, she proceeded to attack the gyrosphere by breaking it, nearly killing Zach and Gray. However, the two escaped by running away from her and then jumping off a waterfall to safety, leaving the l-Rex to find new prey. As they search for the boys, Owen and Claire soon learn that the Indominus Rex has killed a herd of five Apatosaurus without devouring them, realizing that she is killing for sport rather than for food. They enter the old visitors center, only to be brought a fierce welcome arranged by I-Rex. Fortunately, the two manage to escape alive.

Deciding now that the Indominus Rex is too dangerous to be left alive, Masrani decides to take matters into his hands. He and a couple of InGen personnel pursue the Rex in a helicopter, but the hybrid ruptured into the Jurassic World Aviary, releasing all the Dimorphodons and Pteranodons (a type of flying dinosaur) in the enclosure and causing them to attack Masrani's helicopter and let it fall into the aviary, killing Masrani and the personnel in a brutal explosion that does not seem to faze her. This action caused the visitors to be attacked by them on Main Street, as well as a few infantile dinosaurs to be taken as prey. This also resulted the death of Claire's personal assistant Zara Young, who was attacked by several Pteranodon multiple times around and above the Jurassic World Lagoon before the two are devoured by the Mosasaurus.
Tumblr nreh3sShla1u5tn07o6 400

The I. rex attacks Velociraptor Blue for refusing her order

Following Masrani's death, Hoskins takes over Jurassic World and plans to use Owen's Velociraptors (Blue, Echo, Delta, and Charlie) to hunt and kill the Indominus and Owen reluctantly tags along. However, Owen soon learns that the Indominus had Velociraptor DNA, which allowed the hybrid to communicate with his Velociraptors and make them turn against the InGen team. This resulted the deaths of Hoskins, the InGen team, and the Velociraptor Charlie while Irex fled. Following the deaths of Hoskins, Charlie, and the InGen team, the three Velociraptors Blue, Echo and Delta rekindle the relationship with Owen and Echo and Delta help him fight the Indominus after she smacks Blue into a wall after she disobeyed the Indominus' orders to kill the humans. Unfortunately, the Indominus was too strong and managed to kill the Velociraptor Delta by throwing her into a nearby restaurant's grill, causing her to be burned alive. The Indominus then incapacitates the Velociraptor Echo by snatching her and throwing her aside.

Tumblr nvgsdbB3771u5pkgoo2 250

I.rex fights the Queen of Isla Nublar

Knowing that Owen and the Velociraptors don't have the strength and power to overtake the Indominus, Claire releases the park's veteran Tyrannosaurus rex, Rexy, from her enclosure to even the odds against the Indominus.
Tumblr nrprslmUlz1uvq5h8o1 400

The Indominus almost finishes off Rexy

At first, the Rexy has the upper hand but the Indominus begins using her arms to attack and nearly succeeds in killing Rexy, however Blue distracts the Indominus and attacks her in a fit of rage to avenge her sisters, giving Rexy enough time to get up and attack the hybrid, after Rexy slams the Indominus into several of the Jurassic World buildings the two force the overwhelmed Indominus towards the Jurassic World Lagoon.
Tumblr nt8x0nyDT11rmkz7ao2 500

Rexy and Blue work together to wound the Indominus

There, the Mosasaurus rises from the water and grabs the Indominus by the neck, and Rexy, Blue and the humans watch as the mosasaur drags the snarling Indominus rex down to the depths of the lagoon, where the hybrid is likely devoured. One bite from the Mosasaurus crushed l-rexes neck.


Indominus rex finally meets her end from Mosasaurus

Remains Edit

She is finally gone for good, her actions caused Jurassic World to be permanently shut down as all of the surviving humans head onward to the mainland while the surviving dinosaurs are set free in the wild again following the Indominus' demise. Also, with one of her creators, namely Dr. Wu, along with survived Hoskins men escaped with some dinosaur embryos and data full of dinosaurs DNA that having promising potential for the warfare purposes (presumably along with Indominus' genetic code), there's still a chance that another artificial dinosaur like her would born and start another incident that surpassed her records in Jurassic World. However, most of her legacy is destroyed. The only part left is the new scars on Rexy's neck. The skeleton remains of the Indominus rex are now at bottom of the lagoon.

Abilities Edit

She was given the abilities from many different genetic choices. As she became one of the most intelligent and deadliest creature of Jurassic World. She is one of the most powerful dinosaurs, only rivaled by three other carnivores that had been created by Ingen the Tyrannosaurus rex, Spinosaurus, and the Mosasaurus.

Strength and Fighting Edit

Jurassic World Trex Vs Irex Fight 1080p

Indominus begins to overpower Rexy

She had shown her strength in the film, being able to break down the large glass cage for the flying reptiles and able to crush the gyrospheres with her powerful jaw strength, and even seen breaking the neck of an ankylosaur. She was even shown to be able take on Rexy, overpowering the Tyrannosaurus and would have probably to kill her if Blue had not intervened. This had proven she truly the one of strongest of all dinosaurs though more results of being hybrid.

She was given long arms and long deadly claws to pick up people and slash dinosaurs, which comes from the Therizinosaurus. It is shown that these arms are very powerful as it knocked out Blue unconscious with a single swipe.

Speed and Agility Edit

Tumblr njdykuwzTz1tc05ego2 250

She was said to be able to run 30 mph in her enclosure, but she can run much faster outside of her cage.

Not only did she possess great speed, she also had amazing agility as she had gripping clawed hands to grab humans and dinosaurs, and was able to effectively use her tail as a whip. With her short tail like T.rex to have great counter balance to make quick turns.

Intelligence Edit

Her intelligence was incredibly high as she made claw marks on the wall to make Owen and the others thinking she had escaped, but it was a trap for the humans to get into the enclosure, knowing they will come to inspect it.

She was even shown to be able to remember the tracker that was installed in her body to used on her, so she made her own plan to use it against the humans, tearing it out and then camouflaging around it to spring an ambush on the ACU unit.

The I. Rex was able to use scared pterosaurs out of their enclosure to attack the helicopter.

She was even able to communicate with the trained Velociraptors to convince them to join her side, becoming alpha due to her Velociraptor DNA.

She was intelligent enough to predict how the humans would attempt to hunt her down, and even chose to kill for sport on the way.[1]

Higher Durability, Endurance and Stamina Edit

Tumblr nt8x0nyDT11rmkz7ao4 500

I. rex enduring the powerful attacks of the tag teaming dinosaurs

With the genetic choices of her DNA, the Indominus has very durable skin, especially due to her Carnotaurus DNA, which provided her with bones known as osteoderms which protect the weak and vulnerable areas from attacks. With the DNA of the Abelisaurs of the ultra-tough bony osteoderms and possible Tyrannosaurus rex dna might have helped for tougher skin as well since she was able to take the multiple jaw strength from T.rex. 

Despite being attacked by multiple powerful creatures and enduring an explosive at close range, the Indominus rex showed little to no reaction to the sensation of pain, aside from seemingly becoming more angry. Even when seized by the throat by both Rexy and the Mosasaurus, she continued to struggle and lash out.

She have proven her high stamina, being able to fight for long periods of time or run long distances to chase her prey. As proven for an entire day that her high stamina came from the DNA of the Velociraptor and extra from the dna of T. rex.

Senses Edit

As her senses was shown to have certain strong sense of smell is able to smell out prey as she was able to smell Owen under the car but she was unable to handle the gas. Even as scavenger, her scent of smell can be strong enough to find carcass. Though her vision seems likey to be strong as Velociraptor to see the dark.

Hunter and Scavenger Edit

She has proven to be top predator on Isla Nublar as she will hunt her prey by either chasing or ambush. As she lethal hunter that can fool humans to lure them close enough to strike easily. As proven against the A.C.U or others. She could be more dangerous with pack of raptors as proven by using the Raptor team on her side.

Having few dinosaurs that are scavengers in her DNA she can eat on dead prey such as the Apatosaurus.

Special Abilities Edit

She had shown great abilities from Dr. Wu to be more frightening for being coolest of the creations of dinosaurs.

Cuttlefish DNA Edit

Tumblr nrvebh9ngr1u5tn07o2 540

Decamouflaging. Watch as her eye crests turn from bush-like back to normal

The cuttlefish DNA gave her the ability to camouflage, which she was only seen using two to three times in the span of the movie. When she reveals herself to the ACU unit, she is seen turning from grayish green to white, especially around the facial area. Her crests almost appear to change in shape.

Pit Adder and Allosaurus Edit


Jaw Expanding

Her snake DNA or could be from Giganotosaurus allowed her jaws to expand somewhat when she opened them that is able to be wide enough to hold the gyrosphere. The DNA also helped her night vision, and is indicated in the movie to be the pit adder/viper due to her ability to sense the heat signatures of other animals, a prominent characteristic in the animals in the pit viper subfamily.

Tree Frog DNA Edit

Indominus Rex (207)

Indominus Rex camouflaging in a deleted scene of Jurassic world.

She was also confirmed in the movie to have tree frog as a strand of her DNA. It is acclaimed that this was to adapt her to a tropical climate, but consequently it allowed her to conceal her heat signature from the thermoradiation scanners used in her enclosure, thus rending modern technology useless to track her movements.

Velociraptor CommunicationEdit

Tumblr nrzfo0sGcV1uy5vabo3 400

Communicating with the Velociraptors Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo

The Indominus rex was confirmed to have Velociraptor DNA in her DNA code. Besides getting the high intelligence, she was given another ability to able to use this to her advantage by speaking to the Velociraptor squad and turning them over to her side briefly because being more tamed then wild.

Trivia Edit

  • The first camouflaging dinosaur appears in The Lost World book by Michael Crichton, but the dinosaur was left out of the movie adaptation. In the Lost World book, the Carnotaurus uses a chameleon-like ability to blend into its environment to surprise its victims. In the Jurassic World movie, Indominus rex uses the same ability in a similar manner. Coincidentally, Carnotaurus DNA was used in the creation of Indominus, but for the osteoderms on its back and the pair of horns on its head, not the camouflage.
  • The Indominus rex has the highest number of kills of any dinosaur in the Jurassic Park franchise so far.
    • The Indominus rex is likely a direct reference to the Carnotaurus in the Lost World novel, whom were described as "large, white theropods that used camouflage to stalk prey."
  • The roars of Indominus were made from the vocalizations from many different animals. To give the hybrid's vocal mass, the sound designers used vocalizations from walruses, whales, beluga whales, lions and pigs. Monkeys, dolphins, macaques, and fennec foxes were used as well. The sound designers for Jurassic World did not use sound effects similar to the Tyrannosaurus to differentiate the Indominus from the famous theropod. The Indominus' roar was designed to sound irritable or angry so viewers would dislike her.
  • While the origin of her snake DNA has not been confirmed, it is likely it comes from the snake family Crotalinae, better known as the 'pit vipers' or 'pit adders' because she was described as tracking the warmth signatures from the visitors, and pit vipers are known to be able to sense heat signatures.
  • Because of many people's disappointment of the Indominus' appearance, they created the #buildabetterfaketheropod project to make their own hybrid theropods.
  • Frighteningly enough, the Indominus' intelligence is shown to surpass that of the Velociraptors and even humans. Its brainpower is greater than any dinosaur seen in the movies prior to it, perhaps rivaled by the first movie's vicious Velociraptor alpha, "The Big One".
    • She may also be a reference to the first movie's main antagonist, a psychopathic Velociraptor known only by the term "The Big One". Both hunted for sport, briefly commanded other dinosaurs, reacted very little to sensations around them, killed or ate other dinosaurs they were raised with (the Indominus rex cannibalizing her sibling and The Big One killing five other Velociraptors she lived with, either to become the dominant Velociraptor, self-preservation, or out of downright sociopathy) fought Rexy, and were certifiable sociopaths (even by animal standards), which is the term for nonhuman and human animals that are insane from hatching/birth. Likewise, both were recorded to having started to anticipate where the food would come from and then attempting to attack their feeders. And they are killed by Predators more bigger than them (Rexy and Mosy).
  • The limited edition Jurassic World Blu-Ray gift set came with a model

    The dinosaur models in and out of packaging.

    of Indominus rex as well as a model of the Tyrannosaurus Rexy (evidenced by the scars on the model's right side).
  • It was the first dinosaur to go extinct on Isla Nublar.