The InGen Soldier was an InGen mercenary serving in InGen's Security Division.

History Edit

Jurassic World (Incident) Edit

He and several other mercenaries were summoned to Isla Nublar by Vic Hoskins to handle the situation developing there.

He participated in Hoskins' plan to use Velociraptors Blue, Delta, Echo andCharlie to kill the escaped Indominus rex. But when I. rex used her raptor DNA to convince the raptors to turn against the humans, the soldier was badly wounded in the ensuing conflict, although he escaped alive.

Returning to the raptors' paddock, he ran to where Claire Dearing sat in the cab of Mercedes-Benz Unimog MVU-12, startling her by putting his hand against the rolled up window, leaving a bloody handprint. He warned about the raptors, then went around the back and opened the doors, intending to climb inside to safety with Zach and Gray Mitchell, only for Delta to jump him from behind as he was getting in. Zach and Gray screamed as they watched the man being mauled.