Dr. Henry Wu is the geneticist that recreates the dinosaurs in all Jurassic Park media. He is the chief genetic engineer of InGen and a major character of the Jurassic Park Franchise.

Wu first appears as one of the central major characters of the original Jurassic Park novel. In the film series, Dr. Wu is portrayed by American actor B. D. Wong, initially in a greatly reduced but notable role in Jurassic Park.

Dr. Wu returns to Jurassic World now in a larger role as a major character and creator of the dinosaurs in the new park Jurassic World, including the hybrid the Indominus Rex. He subsequently appears in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, now as the creator of the Indoraptor.

In the movie Jurassic Park and in the Jurassic World Trilogy, Dr. Wu is portrayed by American actor B. D. Wong.




Henry Wu, PhD, is stated as being a slender man of thirty-three years old. He was the one who created all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.

Wu was originally a graduate student who studied under the geneticist Professor Norman Atherton at Stanford. Atherton was affiliated with and worked for John Hammond to create InGen. However, Atherton died leaving Hammond and InGen without the key geneticist who knew the work for their grand ideas. It was at the funeral of Norman Atherton that Wu, then just a twenty-eight year old, was approached by Hammond for an opportunity to work for his secret project. Wu had been described by Atherton as the best geneticist which Hammond remembered.

Wu accepted and for five years was given 10 million dollars a year to work at solving the way to bring back extinct dinosaurs from amber. Wu would eventually succeed which leads to the further creation of a theme park to house the animals at Jurassic Park.

In The Lost World, it was revealed that Isla Nublar was not where the true production of dinosaurs being brought back was done. Rather it was on a second island, Isla Sorna, where dinosaurs were made and then raised before being let out into open wilderness to populate that Wu and scientists studied to understand the animals.


Henry Wu's backstory prior to working at Jurassic Park is never outright stated or made clear in the film canon. However, it can be presumed to be somewhat the same as his novel origins with some differences.

Wu is identified as Chinese American from Ohio with a PhD in genetics in certain material. He is a senior member of InGen's project to recreate the dinosaurs. Dr. Wu and paleo-geneticist Dr. Laura Sorkin were the top minds in the project.

When the team had discovered large amounts of dinosaur DNA, Dr. Wu proposed that they could start to clone dinosaurs by filling in the missing parts of the dinosaur genome (DNA) with DNA from extant species. Laura Sorkin opposed this idea and wanted to wait with the cloning until they had recovered 100% of a species' genome. The board of investors preferred Wu's approach because it was faster, easier and cheaper. Thus, the board gave Dr. Wu a promotion to be the chief geneticist.

Wu decided to use the DNA of several species of amphibians, including the Common reed frog (Hyperolius viridiflavus), to supplement the dinosaur DNA. The first prehistoric animal was cloned in 1984. Wu also decided to build in a few safety measures. The dinosaur chromosomes were designed such that all animals were female, so they could not reproduce. He also made the dinosaurs unable to produce Lysine, so they would die without the supplements in their food.

Jurassic Park (novel)

The Lost World

Jurassic Park

When the endorsement team visited the Isla Nublar Laboratory to see the Velociraptors hatch, Dr. Wu was among the scientists in the laboratory at that time. He joined the group and answered their questions. Wu probably left the island on the C-3208 boat during the storm evacuation.

Time Period Between Jurassic Park and Jurassic World:

Wu returned to the island in November 1994 as part of the operation to deconstruct the ruined Jurassic Park. His job was cataloging specimen numbers, and to identify exactly how the animals were breeding. Wu discovered that the amphibian DNA enabled the animals to change their sex through a chemical trigger which disintegrated the female organs to create male sex organs.

Wu kept leading the research team at a financially struggling InGen. The breeding dinosaurs had shown him that not only the DNA of various species could be combined, but also their observable characteristics. In 1995, Dr. Wu wrote the book The Next Step: An Evolution of God’s Concepts. In this book, he proposed the hypothesis that he could bring brand-new species into fruition by the combination the traits of various species.[3]

In 1997, Wu and his team actually succeeded in creating a hybrid organism. They had combined the DNA of several plant species to create a new plant, Karacosis wutansis (or Wu Flower). The creation of this hybrid plant gained worldwide media attention.

In 1998, the Masrani Global Corporation took over InGen. The CEO Simon Masrani promoted Dr. Wu within the ranks of the InGen company in December 2000. Wu supervised the creation of new dinosaurs in theHammond Creation Lab for the new park Jurassic World. He and many other InGen scientists were involved in the creation of Indominus rex.

In November 2014, the new InGen facility named "Martel" opened in Siberia. The goal of Martel was to extract Pleistocene dated organic materials from glacial ice. He showed excitement for the project believing it will expand InGen's genome library, but he withheld from speculating about using any found materials to create Cenozoic animals for Jurassic World at the moment.

In a paper for a scientific journal that was published by Wu in March 2015, he reported on the possibility of using InGen's genome library to help medical health in their research of diseases.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Dominion

B. D. Wong is set to reprise his role as Henry Wu in the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion, in 2021. The film will likely conclude his character arc / journey as a major antagonist of the franchise.


  • Dr. Wu's exact ethnicity is never stated in the film series and is assumed to be Chinese due to Wu being a Chinese surname. His identity as Chinese-American is supported also by Wu being portrayed by American actor B. D. Wong who is also Chinese.
  • In the Jurassic World films Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Wu's role as a scientist who creates new lifeforms by amalgamating different species can be compared to the first major work of science fiction: Frankenstein.
    • Wu lampshades being compared to a "Mad scientist" to Simon Masrani when the Indominus shows traits and behavior of a super predator, pointing out how it was expected due to it being made up of several species of carnivorous dinosaurs.
    • Wu's creations could also be best compared to Frankenstein's monster due to being made up of different species similar to how the monster was created from different body parts of deceased humans.
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