Gray Mitchell is the younger brother of Zach, as well as the son of Karen and Scott and the nephew of Claire Dearing.


In the film, Gray is first seen looking at stills of dinosaurs through a projector toy before leaving for his trip. As they approach the park, Gray's hyperactivity and obsession grows as he runs through the approaching ship to see what he can find, as an annoyed Zach just tries to catch up with him. Zach encourages him that they both leave Claire's assistant Zara to further explore the park, as Zach dislikes how Claire is avoiding spending time with them.

They later board the "Gyrosphere" ride, but when Claire closes the park's northern section and orders all visitors to return to the resort, Zach encourages Gray to stay out a while longer. He drives them into a restricted area where they encounter the Indominus. He and Zach escape, then jump off a waterfall to safety. They eventually find the decaying original Jurassic Park visitor center. Working together the brothers restart an old jeep and drive back to the resort. As the resort is under attack by pterosaurs, the boys find Claire and Owen Grady. Zach is amazed and impressed with Owen's survival skills. Gray and his brother survive their ordeal in Jurassic World, and at the end of the film, he and Zach are reunited with their parents. And possibly his girlfriend is Maisie Lockwood as Gray

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