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Corythosaurus (Core - Rith - Oh - Saw - Rus) was a hadrosaur dinosaur that lived in the Late Cretaceous period. Its name meaning "Helmet lizard".

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Like other duckbills and some other late Cretaceous plant-eating dinosaurs, Corythosaurus had huge numbers of teeth crammed together into "batteries" forming a single grinding surface on each side of the upper and lower jaws. This allowed the dinosaur to process large amounts of food at once. The hadrosaurines had broad, "ducklike" snouts to cut a wide swathe through the herb layer, while lambeosaurines such as Corythosaurus had narrower snouts and presumably fed more selectively.

The most distinctive feature of the lambeosaurines was the hollow bony crest on top of the head. The size and shape of these crests varied greatly. As a result, different skeletons of Corythosaurus have been identified as belonging to at least seven different species. However, comparison of more than 20 skulls has shown that the crest changes as it grows and differs between the sexes. Only a single species is, therefore, now recognized. The large-crested individuals are thought to be the adult males. They probably used the crest to intimidate others males. The skin covering the crest may have been brightly coloured or patterned, and the hollow within the bone, which was connected to the airway, may have been used to produce distinctive honking calls.

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Unlike the originals, the Corythosaurus clones has a very upright posture when standing on two feet just like the Parasaurolophus clones.

Jurassic Park III Edit

Corythosaurus was seen during Alan Grant's first visit to Isla Sorna on a plane. Herd of Corythosaurus were grazing and they stampede when Dr. Grant, Amanda and Paul Kirby, and Udesky came running through the herd from the raptors. Corythosaurus herd lived alongside a herd of Parasaurolophus.

Transportation to Isla NublarEdit

In 2004, all the remaining dinosaurs were transported to Isla Nublar for Jurassic World and Corythosaurus was one of them.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Edit

According to DPG the Corythosaurus along with 12 other dinosaurs on Isla Nublar went into cruelty in 2018, although it is unknown if there are any surviving populations left.

It is possible that Corythosaurus was saved offscreen.1

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Speed and Acrobatic: Edit

Shows to run on high speed at least over 20-30mph and their acrobatic shows to be able to make turns from running in high speed.

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With their size shows some strength to push the other of their kind to nudge bit of their brute strength.

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  • In the concept art Corythosaurus was originally going to be in Jurassic World but was cut.

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