is described as a tough and quiet mercenary who is killed by a Spinosaurus on the "Site B" runway. He was abandoned by his fellow mercenaries while searching for Eric. He was eaten by the Spinosaurus while trying to get the plane to stop in order for him to get on. His death is what caused the plane to crash through the forest. When everyone else gets on the plane without Cooper, Udesky states: "Cooper's a professional; he can handle himself".

he was a mercenary hired by Udesky to accompany Paul andAmanda Kirby to Isla Sorna in search for their son, Eric. Cooper was eaten by a Spinosaurus soon afer the Kirby's chartered plane landed on the island.

His sidearm of choice was a Heckler and Koch USP pistol but he was also skilled in firing the 20mm Einhorn rifle.

Story of his life Edit

Cooper was a mercenary hired by the Kirbys in order to help find their missing son Eric on Isla Sorna. He claims he met the Kirby's through church (although this was likely a lie to hide his mercenary status). While being in the plane, Alan Grant tried to stop the plane from landing into the island and Cooper came up behind Dr.Grant and hit him to be unconscious. He was the weapons specialist of the mission to find Eric. Isla Sorna had a restricted rule to not allow landing, which eventually led to his death. When the plane landed on the island, Cooper was several meters away after moving into a very-far forest. When the Spinosaurus attacked, he put up a fight, as gunshots could be heard from the forest. When he ran out of ammunition, he fled back to the landing zone, nursing a wound to his right arm. He yelled out for help after M.B. Nash had very quickly abandoned him, and the Spinosaurus snatched him up, and devoured him immediately. His sunglasses, femur, and watch were later found in Spinosaurus dung by the survivors.