Ajay Sidhu was a hunter from India. He is an InGen employee and Roland Tembo's best friend in The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Story of his life Edit

Although he is never seen firing it, his weapon of choice was a Winchester Model 70. He accompanied the InGengroup to the island only to be killed along with the rest of the group by Velociraptors. Later on, Nick Van Owen found Ajay's bag. Ajay's death led to Roland refusing a full-time position at InGen.

When the male and female Tyrannosaurus rexes attack the camp, Ajay tries to pull Roland back to safety while he attempts to fire his rifle at the female T. rexs' brain, but two other hunters pull him away. The group managed to escape the female T. rex by going through a cave and into the long grass. However, Ajay, being an experienced hunter, suggests to the other hunters that they should not to go into the long grass as it is where the Velociraptors are lurking. He is killed after he follows his group into the long grass, trying to convince them to return. His death is never actually seen, although you hear his screams. His death is later spoken of by Roland.